County Elections Soon

Upcoming County Elections!!

It seems there is no posting or discussion lately. Nothing to talk about or is it that nobody has anything to say?
With county elections looming in a few weeks it might be good to get some dialog started on the candidates,
who they are, what they are promising and if they are worthy of our votes. At least those where there is a choice.

County Auditor:

Dawn Sattler (D) (incumbent)
Cheryl Rondeau-Bassett (I)

What choice is there here? Dawn has been in office for awhile, long enough to screw things up majorly. Roberts county
was audited several times and the Auditor's office was found lacking every single time. This past audit not only cost the county $50,000
but it was found that a very large sum of county money is missing and the Auditor has not been filing reports, has no idea what her
duties are and obviously is not remoresful over her lack of fulfilling what she is getting paid for.

Cheryl Rondeau-Bassett on the other hand, is a successful business person with good credentials and a good education
who is willing (and clearly able) to take on the auditor position and get things straightened out. She is the one who is
dependable and trustworthy to be handling our tax dollars, not someone who "misplaces money" or fails to file timely reports.

This blog endorses Cheryl Rondeau-Bassett for Roberts County Auditor.

County Commission #1:

Floyd DeCoteau (R)
John Tchida (R)

Both of these are unknowns and even though their positions have been published in the Courier, they are so vague that
one cannot be chosen over the other. It seems to be DeCoteau in the lead slightly.

This blog endorses Floyd DeCoteau for Commissioner #1

County Commission #3:

William Utne (R)
James Crawford (D)
Don Carlson (I)

Mr. Utne didn't fill out a questionnaire. Don Carlson has been interested enough to attend most of the CC meetings since filing for office,
which says a lot. Both Carlson and Crawford gave some good answers in their questionnaires, but were vague on the issues so this one is
a toss-up.

This blog does not endorse any of the 3 candidates for Commissioner #3

County Commission #5:

Eugene Paulson (I)
Chad Ward (D)
Roger Navratil (I) (incumbent)

Mr. Paulson has some very good points in his questionnaire and from flyers found around the county he addresses most of the major issues
thoroughly and has well-laid plans to solve them. He utilizes common sense and everyone knows the current CC does not.

Mr. Ward seems to have dropped off the public route here. No questionnaire filled out so cannot make an assessment on him at this time.

Mr. Navratil is an incumbent and he has shown everyone that he is an extremely poor choice for any elected position. He has no common sense,
no problem-solving skills, little intelligence...but lots of arrogance and mouth. He is a follower and he has proved that to us already.
We need someone who will stand up and take action when needed and know when to be quiet and listen when needed. Mr. Navratil is not that person.

This blog endorses Eugene Paulson for Commissioner #5

Hopefully this will be enough for a dialog to get started here. Any pro's or con's on a candidate? Please enlighten us.
The most important thing is that you get out and VOTE on November 2nd. Of course absentee voting is going on right now.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Upcoming County Election Input HERE

This is where your opinions or candidate information goes.  Please put the candidate's name that you are discussing at the beginning of your comments to save on confusion.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Roberts County Audit Results

The results of the latest audit of Roberts County are out and it is not pretty.  In a nutshell your county auditor failed to do anything she was elected to do.  She did not keep records, she did not file reports, she did not audit!!
She was too busy impersonating a commissioner to worry about keeping the county books updated.

The report is public record so anyone wanting one just has to call the Legislative Audit at the following number:
          (605)  773-3595
The entire audit can be found below:  Read it and weep
Roberts County 2008 & 2007

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Welcome to the Sisseton Area Blog!

I have been asked to take over the area blog by the previous blog administrator, but I preferred to start fresh instead. Thus was born this Roberts county community blog. 

This blog will be a Watchdog type blog where you will be kept informed on what your public servants/elected officials are doing or not doing as well as potential mis-doings or coverups.

We will be based on truth, not falsehoods. There will be absolutely
Your comments are welcome, although any comments not conforming to the following rules will be deleted:

No profanity, no smearing or bashing,

You will find topics listed by public office for your comments or topics. There will also be an area for suggestions etc. Please keep it clean.

Friday, March 12, 2010

2010 County Elections-discussion area

HERE is where your comments go regarding upcoming Roberts county elections-candidates or incumbents.

School Concerns HERE

Post your comments about school/academics or lack of HERE

Monday, January 18, 2010


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